January 2017

This time of year is much about hibernation and reflection for me, when the day's are short, events are scarce and there's ice on the ground. I'm cooking dinner in homes, I am testing recipes, reading and planning out a few special events. I make a lot of spicy food, putting up big pots of broth a few times a week to keep my soup game strong, my frozen stash of summer fruit is looking bare by now. There is another good thing about January though, Dumplings! They never tasted so right as they do in the dead of winter and even here the possibilities are endless...

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How to host a Dining event with Rhizome Feasts

 How to host a Supper with Rhizome Feasts: 

1. A host can fill the table with their own friends.

   or open it up to a public guest list that you approve. 

2. Head count can be based on the seats you have around the table/make shift tables.

    Or it can be more of a casual feast for a larger group. Ideally no less than 12 including hosts.

3. The theme and menu is set by Chef (Zoe)

4. Menu is posted on social media and website and shared and any remaining seats are filled

5. Chef arrives a few hours prior to the meal to settle in to the host kitchen* 

*  I bring everything I need to cook and serve the food but I am well seasoned and comfortable in a new kitchen and find my way around in no time at all. I typically find a few items to borrow for preparation and presentation of the meal. Host can preset the table or get out the plates they would like to use if they have them or leave it to me. You can let me know ahead about how much dinner ware that I need to bring.

6. Guests bring whatever they would like to drink.

7. Payment: price is set per head and tickets are available on the website under the Tickets button, occasionally we offer a cash contribution price per head day of for certain events. Hosts eat free and are very much appreciated.